Akai MPC vs Native Instruments Maschine – Review

With this video we try to answer the most common question we get for quite some time: “What do you prefer? MPC Renaissance or Maschine Studio?”. Well, we can’t give you a clear answer since both devices have their advantages and disadvantages. This video review is our personal opinion on the two devices. We highly recommend to test both and decide yourself, which fits your workflow better.

more info on MPC Ren more info on Maschine Studio


Hey there! I'm a music technologist, beat maker, qa tester, sound designer, tutor and ux designer from Germany. Also I'm one of the hosts of The Producer's Hangout YouTube show.

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  1. Finally a review not ranting on of the units. Very objective. I share your opinion on many points. Keep up the good work, buddy!


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