Attack EP 88

UVI Attack EP 88 Review

UVI’s Attack EP 88 is the world’s first tacked Piano. Tacked, you ask? UVI describe’s it as follows:

A ‘tack’ piano is a form of prepared piano most commonly seen on acoustic uprights where, as in this example, each of the hammers has had a brass tack or metal device installed on or between the mallets and the resonators. The sound is most definitely still piano but the initial attack phase is accentuated, it’s more present, with a resonant metallic brilliance.
As it turns out this preparation is quite exceptional on electric piano. The tonal character is almost bell-like in quality, giving a completely new perspective and life to the classic electric piano sound.

How it sounds? Amazing! This sampled Rhodes Mark I comes with a huge library of 10gb and almost 50.000 samples. Watch the video for an indepth look and sound demos

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Price: $149 US


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