Free Download: DrumMaschine for NI Maschine 2

DrumMaschineWe’re proud to release our first free template for Native Instruments Maschine. With this template you make Maschine feel like a real drum machine like the Roland TR-8, 808, 909 or similar. Requested by a friend we thought it’s something you might enjoy too. So download it, read through the short installation document, watch the video to get inspired, and have fun.

This Template works with Maschine MK1, MK2 and Studio.

Overview / Walkthrough:

Download for free

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Hey there! I'm a music technologist, beat maker, qa tester, sound designer, tutor and ux designer from Germany. Also I'm one of the hosts of The Producer's Hangout YouTube show.

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  1. How’s it going looking for help. Feeling stuck with my music. Can’t complete songs. Looking for tips maybe one on one lessons thanx


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  4. Hey man. Thanx a lot for this. I’m really lovin this’ !!! I love my Maschine Studio and my 808. This is so much fun!!!! Good look!


  5. I like this, thanks so much for this. Is this Maschine MK2 friendly? Or will there be major differences?


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