Free Download: DrumMaschine for NI Maschine 2


About the author: Born and raised in Germany, Mike started in the late 90s as a rapper and beat maker. From there he made his way to become a passionate sound designer, music technology vlogger, and qa tester for leading companies in the music industry. On his website, he reviews new gear, sounds, and apps for producers.

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  1. How’s it going looking for help. Feeling stuck with my music. Can’t complete songs. Looking for tips maybe one on one lessons thanx

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  4. Hey man. Thanx a lot for this. I’m really lovin this’ !!! I love my Maschine Studio and my 808. This is so much fun!!!! Good look!

  5. I like this, thanks so much for this. Is this Maschine MK2 friendly? Or will there be major differences?

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