Making of the Padbangers diy studio desk

Since a lot of guys asked me, how I built my studio desk, here finally comes my photo series of the building process.

The reason I just didn’t buy a professional studio desk is that there’s no table on the market fitting my needs perfectly. Professional desks are great if you have a firm setup. Mine is changing so often, I need a table that is modular and easily expandable. It needs to grow with me.

That’s why my desk is a combination of Ikea parts, parts from the home depot and two desktop racks by Thon. The racks are the most expensive parts (220 EUR total). If you’re good in building stuff yourself, you can do them yourself and save a lot of money. I am not.. give me a hammer and I will burn the house to the ground ๐Ÿ˜‰

The base of the desk are three drawer units by ikea
1x Alex with a front door – 45.00 EUR
1x Alex with drawers – 49.99 EUR
1x Vika Annefors (discontinued) – a left over from an old table


The unit with the front door is perfect to store external hard drives (I also put in some foam for noise cancelling).

Next we built a base board from a 200x60x2.7 cm solid wooden board from the home depot store (60.00 EUR). We also added a keyboard tray (40.00 EUR + 10.00EUR shelf) and used 12 Capita feet by Ikea (27.00 EUR total) to raise it by 8cm. This makes the keyboard tray slide just over the legs when you sit in front of the desk. The keyboard tray is extra wide (120cm) to give enough space for all the input devices.


Next we put the plate on top of the drawers. No screws needed, the weight of the gear will later hold it in place. That makes it very fast to disassemble.


On top of the wooden board I put 2x Linnmon desk boards by Ikea (19.99 EUR each). This makes it a huge workspace of 300×75 cm. To prevent the boards from sliding I put a layer of anti slipmats for table cloths on the base board.

Time to add the Thon desktop racks (220 EUR total) and some gear to put weight on the boards.

To raise the screens I used another 4 Capita legs (9.00 EUR) and a Ikea Lack Shelf (10.00 EUR).

To level out the desktop boards I used a flat metal connector

And here’s the final table. Very solid, easily extendable and disassemable. The total cost is 510.99 EUR.


Why no cable management??

I gave up on it! I change or move around gear so often it’s just not worth to spend time on hiding the cables ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed the article. Send me some comments of what you think of the table. Do you prefer a diy solution or do you tend to buy a professional desk?


About the author: Born and raised in Germany, Mike started in the late 90s as a rapper and beat maker. From there he made his way to become a passionate sound designer, music technology vlogger, and qa tester for leading companies in the music industry. On his website, he reviews new gear, sounds, and apps for producers.

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  1. Hey man! Love your home made desk.

    Just have one doubt do you have more photos of that sliding plate? What specific metal parts did you use to make the slide? If you could send me more photos I would appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Yeah I was going to ask about those that under desk tray and sliders too…
    Really hard to find good sliders….

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